Meet Nan!

Nan Definition

NAN (noun): a unique combination of classically-trained hands and pop-music soul

Nan has been playing piano since the age of 3. Being classically trained, Nan has participated and placed in many high-level competitions, including 2nd at an international piano competition, and has been invited to perform at Carnegie Hall. Since then, he has continued to perform at various venues, including many campus-wide events in college, and music bars with his former band. Nan also expanded his audience by building up a Youtube channel, which has garnered over 3000 subscribers and millions of views. He has further collaborated with singers and bands across the country, and even composed and played his own wedding ceremony music. Now Nan is excited to continue his musical journey at Kollaboration DC, and hopes you enjoy his music as much as he does!

See our entire DEFINITIONS series here. To catch Nan, along with our other finalists and guest artists, perform at Kollaboration DC 6, checkout our event page on Facebook and pick up your ticket from Eventbrite now at: