Meet Alicia Rae!

Alicia Definition

ALICIA RAE (noun): handwritten songs about love, lust and heartbreak

Alicia Rae is a singer-songwriter from the Washington, DC area. Her music and writing styles are similar to a hybrid of Taylor Swift, Michelle Branch, Vanessa Carlton and Kina Grannis.
The self-taught guitarist purchased her first guitar in late 2009, and quickly found her knack for songwriting. A little shy, it took some convincing from her loved ones to perform at her first open mic in late 2012. Alicia was quickly recognized for her crisp vocals and catchy, relatable lyrics.
Alicia recently released her first EP, Sweet Melody.  From lust, to love, to heartbreak, each of the songs on her EP were inspired by a past experience, and she conveys that heart-felt emotion through her musical storytelling.
Through her music, she’s been able to connect with people from all around the world, both face-to-face at shows and through the internet. Alicia hopes to continue to grow both as an artist, musician, and individual.
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