Meet Abby Rose!

Abby Rose Definition

ABBY ROSE (noun): awkward and loud

See also: professional shower singer

Abby Rose is a 20 year old Filipina from Bristow, VA. She grew up with a karaoke microphone in her hand, & sang along to all the songs on the radio. Singing was something that always came naturally to her. At a young age, she was inspired by music from Whitney Houston & Celine Dion. She also admired and practiced the high notes and runs of Jojo and Christina Aguilera. In 2009, she started recording YouTube videos and the feedback received from online viewers fueled her desire to perform live. Apart from playing music during her free time, she likes to travel, play video games, and eat all kinds of food.
This is her first time competing & showcasing her talent, & she’s super excited to show you what she has to offer. She wants to thank everyone involved for this opportunity & hopes you enjoy the show! :)
See our entire DEFINITIONS series here. To catch Abby Rose, along with our other finalists and guest artists, perform at Kollaboration DC 6, checkout our event page on Facebook and pick up your ticket from Eventbrite now at: