Meet 2ParkZ!

2Parkz Definition

2PARKZ (noun): best friends bringing a smile to your face, one harmony at a time

Esther Park and Vicky Park are both currently rising seniors at the University of Maryland, College Park pursuing futures in the health/science field. Three years ago, they met and became close when they both joined an Asian-interest sorority named Sigma Psi Zeta. Although they were both individually involved in music and liked to sing for fun, it wasn’t until Sigma’s annual charity dinner where they both performed on stage for the first time together. From then on, they began to hang out and sing for fun whenever they could, occasionally uploading covers on Facebook during study breaks, or performing for other organizations’ coffee houses and talent shows! This is actually how they were scouted for KDC6 :) Outside of singing, they also share a love for the guitar, going to concerts and eating. They hope their harmonies will put a smile on your face and can’t wait to see you all on August 8th!

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