Kollaboration DC DEFINITIONS

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KOL·LAB·O·RATE [kəˈlabəˌrāt] (verb): work together on an activity, especially to produce or create something.

This is Kollaboration DC DEFINITIONS: Exploring the Meanings Behind Our APA Artists

We have six incredible finalists lined up to compete at the Kollaboration DC 2015 Showcase.  Learn more about them here.

2PARKZ (noun): best friends bringing a smile to your face, one harmony at a time

2Parkz Definition

ABBY ROSE (noun): awkward and loud; See also: professional shower singer

Abby Rose Definition

ALICIA RAE (noun): handwritten songs about love, lust and heartbreak

Alicia Definition

AUDREY (noun): passionate, protective, Proverbs 16:9

Audrey Definition

NAN (noun): a unique combination of classically-trained hands and pop-music soul

Nan Definition

SANTA JACA (noun): the dynamic duo that swoons to your heart’s desire

Santa Jaca Definition

And don’t miss our special guest artists:

SAM OCK: locally grown and internationally renowned hip-hop artist

PARADISE: singer-songwriter and winner of Kollaboration DC 2014

DRZZL: multi-talented artist/poet/musician and this year’s show host; See also: Adriel Luis

The Kollaboration DC showcase is taking place on August 8th at the F.Scott Fitzgerald Theatre in Rockville! Get your tickets now to see our finalists and guest artists perform live at bit.ly/kdc6msale